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Our Mission

Not just as Investors, we are Entrepreneurs and Business Operators,
at the cutting edge of AI and Smart Financing,
not just for Profit, but also for the Profitability of mankind.

FHH Ventures is not a fund. We are an AI-driven Venture Studio, a small group of entrepreneurs and angel investors, who believe in hand-holding effort and value-driven commitment to create change. 

We invest, incubate our own portfolios, take them to market, replicate, license out, keep them as cash-flow generating or exit for capital gain. We use our in-house AI tool to identify consumer pain point, behaviors and trends, and deploy our capital and build. We strategically bootstrap our portfolio to maximize our valuation and minimize potential losses using our de-risking process. We work with our trusted partner to accelerate operational processes to encompass full lifecycle of products, which help us create a decentralized ecosystem. 

We believe that, everyone can build their own venture and create wealth with their core values, as long as they have access to resources and know how to utilize them. While top 1% founders have available capital to deploy, the rest of 99% do not. We share the pain and would like to help. 

Our work adheres to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

AI-driven Strategy

Our Unfair Advantage consists of three strategic components: AI Analytics, Smart Financing and Decentralized.

AI Analytics

We use our in-house AI tools to capture consumer behaviors and trends. We identify consumer pain point, analyze collected data, predict upcoming trends, populate possible solutions. Based on the outcomes, we develop minimum viable products, and deploy optimal strategies for successful commercialization.

Smart Financing

Smart Financing is the key in Venture Build. Our financing structure always covers three processes: (i) de-risking uncertain risks to minimize potential losses; (ii) dilution management in fundraising rounds to optimize equity structure and valuation; (iii) exit roadmap to  maintain healthy cashflow and maximize capital gain. 


We believe that, Decentralization helps us  amass Total Wealth, which encompasses essential aspects of our lives – from Work,  Finance, Health to Sustainability. Therefore, we build and support those innovative ventures that help decentralize the market, bringing more affordable and accessible solutions to improve our human life on a mass scale level.

Venture Build

We focus on creating startups and new ventures and facilitate their commercialization and growth with our infrastructure, resources and network. We also deploy capital in our opportunity funds to invest in different asset classes to diversify risks and maintain liquidity.

Venture Build "0-to-1"

We produce new ventures in house from 0 to 1, take them to market, replicate, license out, keep them as cash-flow generating or exit for capital gain. Our Venture Build encompasses Ideation, Launch, Commercialization, then proceed to next options: License or Exit. We do not take outside investments or invest in outside startups. We utilize our infrastructure and network to scale.

Infrastructure Companies

We invest, build and operate our infrastructure companies to support new ventures in  Commercialization, specializing in cross-border domain. We have gained deep understanding in rules and regulations, culture and business etiquette in those jurisdictions that we work with. Together with our trusted network and resources, we support our startups to grow globally.

Investing & Hedging

We manage our investing and hedging processes in Stocks and Real Estate.  Fund I & III in RE generate stable cash flow from 5% to 8%, and capital gain from 25% to 500%. Fund II in Stock generated gain from 30% to 150% and was distributed by YE2021. We built up Fund IV in 2023. Our stable performance hedges effectively with inflation and liquidity risks on our venture side.

Our In-house Portfolio

AI-driven Investment & Asset Allocation Strategies

Highlighted portfolio ventures

Fyber AI,

Business Intelligence

DYV School,

Venture Education

Venture HUB,

Community, Membership

Media, AI

Generative AI, Media


Global EIR Program


Fundraising & Crowdfunding 

FHH Japan,
APAC Invest

Green Finance Advisory

RE Investing,

RE Fractional Investing

Farmer Care,
APAC Advisory

Solar-Carbon, Green-Tech

AOBA Natura


AOBA Health,

Lifestyle, Health-Tech

Mental Health

Lifestyle, Wellness 

Venture HUB

Venture HUB, a City-Tech global community, supports Entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to be part of us and empower others. We support Entrepreneurs to ideate innovative ideas and navigate two most critical processes in Venture Build, which are Fundraising and Commercialization, so they could reach their Startup Roadmap and ultimately, their Wealth Goal.

FHH Ventures and Collective Partners form a Founding Committee for Venture HUB. We share platform, resources, networks, ecosystems, support shared mission and purposes, and grow together. The HUB is equitable, diverse and inclusive. 

Founding Committee

Founding Committee includes Innovators, Industry Experts, Founders, Venture Builders, Operators, Angel Investors, VCs, Financiers, Academics, who are willing to “plug and play”. Founding Committee supports our Entrepreneurs with advice and guidance, mentorship and allyship, expertise and strategy, so our Entrepreneurs can build their Startup to improve human life in four essential aspects: Work – Finance – Health – Sustainability.

Work, Self-Identity &

The Future of Work toward Decentralization is about Creators, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs. Everyone wants to create something belonged to them, so that they can make a difference with their own Self-Identity.

Fraud, Fintech &
Decentralized Finance

The Future of Finance is about innovative Fintech solutions toward Decentralization to help the mass to access to Financing. Meanwhile, Financial Integrity is a must to prevent Frauds and enhance Trust with Investors.

Food, Healthcare &
Health Equity

The Future of Health is all about Accessibility and Affordability of Healthcare for the mass. We can only reach Health Equity when every local community from children to the elderly, especially the underserved, live a healthy life. 

Green Living, Transition &

The Future of Sustainability is to create a safe, secure and sustainable future, such as Decarbonized and Next gen Food, honest Supply chain and sustainable Farming, Solar, EVs and new form of Mobility, new Culture of Living and Circular Society.

Wealth Advisory

We are not outside advisors. We are Investors, Venture Builders, Wealth Creators with Skin in the Game. We are aware of possible mis-steps and failures when building a venture, deploying an investment strategy, diversifying a portfolio, hedging liquidity risks, or fraud detection.

While top 1% founders and business owners have available resources to Create Wealth, the rest of 99% do not. We share the pain and offer our help in those areas where we have unfair advantage. Contact us at


Venture Build Strategy

We offer our Signature service based on our IP-ed “Design Your Venture” program. The process encompasses Launch, Fundraising and Commercialization, with optional roadmaps to Exit.

Investing Strategy

We offer our Signature investing strategy based on our “Quantum Wealth in All Weather” system,  covering neuro-investing & de-risking techniques, risk and return, diversification and asset allocation.

Fraud Prevention Strategy

As for Business Intelligence services and target Fraud Prevention and Detection for Investors, we have spun off into a new venture. For more details, please refer to Fyber AI

Fundraising Strategy

We offer Signature fundraising strategy to support Global Founders to access to U.S. market. We work with trusted Law and Fundraising partners in Reg CF, Reg S, Reg D, Reg A (mini IPO).

Guidance & Resources

To avoid any costly mistakes and save valuable time, use our Network and Resources to gain the peace of mind and accelerate your growth.

How to build your Venture from 0 to 1?

If you are not sure about how to build your venture from Ideation stage, please review our “Design Your Venture” program with core modules. More details, email us at

What are your Financing strategy & Risk appetite?

If you have certain risk appetite or financial constraints, contact us at Our experts at FHH Ventures will review your Risk appetite, Financing options, and your Wealth goal. From there, we will help provide a strategy to de-risk and structure your financing roadmap which is suitable with your business model and your goal. 

Do you have a Fundraising & Exit strategy?

If you build your business with Exit Goal in mind, contact us at Our experts at FHH Ventures will scan your business plan even before you start. We will provide you a number of options of Exit roadmaps, which are suitable with your business model and products and your goal. The Exit plan will go in tandem with Fundraising approach and different options, such as Third-party licensing, Micro acquisition, Private Equity, or fundraising through Crowdfunding, Syndicate, SPV, Angels and VCs, Equity Offerings, or Mini IPO.

Do you have enough Fund to start?

If you are underserved founders and lack of funds to start, we recommend you to contact us at We will work with you on your fundraising options via Friends for Impact, our 501(c)3 public charity organization.

Friends for Impact (FFI) is a 501c3 Not-for-profit organization, based in New York. FFI provides fundraising support for underserved entrepreneurs or researchers who are passionate about public health and committed to bring their science discoveries to life. 

Location Access

New York is the world’s center of Science, Innovations and Technology, whereas Asia Pacific is the world’s largest producing region of agricultural ingredients. This is why we focus on building the connectivity between New York and Asia Pacific. 

New York

We are Industry Affiliate of a number of U.S. educational institutions to support startups communities, including New York State Biodefense Commercialization Fund, CUNY Public Health Accelerator, CUNY Medgar Evers College, CUNY Tech Incubator at Queens College, Columbia Venture Community, Female Founders Initiative.


We provide venture education program with technology transfer and green financing options. We currently focus our work in Japan and Vietnam, where we have major stakes in infrastructure, value chain, network and resources including farms and factories. Vietnam also provides a good pool of talents in emerging technology.

Partner with Us?

For any questions, we are here to assist. Email us at: .

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